About us

Forum Australia (Aussie Forum Inc.) is a non-political organisation.  It works without any discrimination as to religion, race or nationality.

Our postal address is:
Forum Australia
PO Box 5522
Hughes ACT 2620

The Forum aims to:

  1. develop awareness of the current issues in Australia;
  2. promote respect for social, cultural and religious diversity;
  3. promote freedom of expression;
  4. facilitate understanding between Australians;
  5. work towards the introduction, development and strengthening of democratic systems and values;
  6. conduct research and develop material in any form such as written, audio or visual, to provide information of the current or emerging issues to all Australians;
  7. work towards a tolerant and unprejudiced multicultural Australian society;
  8. partake in ACT and National activities: and
  9. collaborate with other organizations that have similar aims